Second Language Evaluation – French

Practice Exercises

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The second language evaluation practice tests exercises (French) are intended for:
• Candidates who are competing for bilingual positions within the Public Service of Canada and will undergo the PSC Canada SLE-French tests.
• Current Public Service employees who will be re-tested and need preparation for the Canadian government second language exam.
• Any individual who want to improve her/his knowledge in French for professional development or career advancement.
Our tests constitute a learning activity and serve as an intensive practice session that aims at preparing candidates for their SLE tests in French.
Undertaking second language testing government of Canada can be daunting. The SLE French tests of Oral proficiency, Written Expression & Reading Comprehension are likely to be your last challenges before you can step into a rewarding career in a bilingual position within the Public Service of Canada.
This is a unique opportunity to build-up your self-confidence, consolidate your knowledge and be well prepared before taking the real PSC Canada SLE French test.
To ensure success you need adequate time to prepare for an examination in the second official language. Do not allow yourself to fall behind or leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Now is your opportunity to act, and achieve your goals at the PSC Canada SLE French tests!


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